Yiannis Christoulas

Yiannis Christoulas


Yiannis Christoulas is a modern sports scientist and coach, with studies on the improvement of human performance and health. His activity as a scientist and coach, is tightly connected with his own intensive sports activity, through which he gains experience and knowledge by testing theory in practice.

The science part

He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, having received the highest grade a student has ever achieved in the history of the department. For this distinction, he received an award for academic excellence from the Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers’ Association and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of Thessaloniki.

He continued his studies with a master’s degree on "Human Performance and Health", specializing on sports coaching. He completed the degree with honors. In his master’s thesis he was the first to investigate techniques of acute aerobic capacity enhancement through blood circulation reflexes.

During his academic years, he systematically studied the factors that affect human performance and health. While on his master’s, he undertook research projects on many parameters affecting human performance. He took part in multiple laboratory research ventures and gained experience on the measurement and assessment of the human performance. During his postgraduate studies, he completed dozens of research projects on issues of coaching and biological adaptations. His dedication to studying and research, in combination with his practice as a coach and athlete, has led him to a deep and holistic understanding of sports science.


In addition to the above, he received a postgraduate diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Hellenic University, which he also completed with honors.

In parallel with his studies, he was certified in:

·       Olympic Weightlifting (ELEIKO),

·       Rock Climbing (HFMC),

·       Alpinism (HFMC),

·       Open Sea & Pool Lifeguard (HCG),

·       and BLS/AID Provider (ERC).

His scientific background is enriched by a number of seminars, conferences and workshops concerning Sports Science, Nutrition and Health.

The coaching part

He has been working as a coach in personal and group training since 2008. As a personal trainer, he has trained anyone within the range of elite athletes to fitness enthusiasts just getting started. The common element in all his trainees is their need for a serious and safe pathway to the goals they have set for themselves.

Adding to his field experience, the time he put into the Strength and Conditioning Center of Harvard University (Harvard Crimson) is worth mentioning. There, he had the opportunity to attend high level coaching programs and the chance to be introduced to the American outlook on coaching and fitness.

Beyond his work as a personal trainer, early in his career he specialized on the design of tailor-made training plans. Using his academic knowledge and his years of experience in the field, he has long been designing training plans that cater to the individual needs and goals of each trainee. Through this process of tailor-made training plans, he has for years trained athletes and fitness enthusiasts for whom personalized and successful training is a priority.

In 2014, he got his first online coaching partnership, training athletes through remote coaching. In the following years, he created a successful online training system, which to this day enables him to successfully coach trainees in and beyond his home country of Greece.

With over ten years of experience, he has trained hundreds of fitness enthusiasts and professional and amateur athletes. His approach always adapts and changes according to each person’s characteristics, their training level and their ultimate goals.

His training philosophy is based on understanding the training process through his personal triptych of sports scientist, coach and athlete.

The athlete part

’From theory to practice, and back again’’

yiannis christoulas crossfit athlete
Yiannis has always been active, and has always had a strong love of sports since his childhood. As an amateur athlete, he has experienced a variety of sports and activities. As a child, he found joy through movement, competition, and play.
Later, in university, he understood the need for practicing what he learned in theory through Sports Science. He took up several sports in order to better understand them as a coach. His primary occupation remains, until today, the application of both traditional and innovative training models in practice. His own training often shifts in goals and directions, depending on what he wants to achieve and the field of knowledge he wants to delve into. For the same reasons, he seeks out participating in open competitions for several sports, through which he also gains the experience of preparing and competing –in the first person. He is a true lover of sports and always remains in prime athlete condition.


What he is doing today

Yiannis is training athletes and fitness enthusiasts through personal training, online coaching and tailor-made training plans.
He continues his research on the PhD level.
He delivers seminars and Sports Science workshops.
He writes articles on issues of Sports Science and training (personal blog, Facebook, LinkedIn).
He publishes valid and scientific content on fitness issues on YouTube.
He maintains a daily radio segment on fitness and sports nutrition on Zoo Radio.
He trains on a daily basis.