Yiannis Christoulas is a modern sports scientist and coach, with studies on the improvement of human performance and health. His activity as a scientist and coach, is tightly connected with his own intensive sports activity, through which he gains experience and knowledge by testing theory in practice.
He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, having received the highest grade a student has ever achieved in the history of the department. For this distinction, he received an award for academic excellence from the Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers’ Association and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of Thessaloniki...


Personal Training

Personal Training is the well-known private training during which the trainee has the absolute care and guidance of the trainer.
Personal Training is a high quality service, planned for an individual person . . .

Tailor Made Training Plan

If you enjoy training on your own and want to see serious results on your body without the risk of injuries or failure, then the Tailor-Made Training Plan is for you.
Train in your own space and on your own time, with a plan designed to fit your own goals . . .

Online Fitness Coaching

With Online Fitness Coaching, you have the chance to train under the supervision of your coach and
according to your personalized Plan, wherever you may be.
Online Fitness Coaching is a long-distance partnership between the athlete and the coach. In essence . . .

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