Yiannis Christoulas


These days, the Internet is flooded with information on training, sports nutrition and health issues. What’s worrisome is that the vast majority of this information consists of misguided or false instructions, having no scientific validity. This leads many people to wrong choices, dead ends, and injuries.
In order to counter that, in 2018 Yiannis Christoulas created his YouTube channel to provide safe and valid information on Sports Science issues. On that channel, he publishes videos on Sports Science, with detailed documentation and always quoting valid scientific sources.
The channel’s philosophy
The channel’s videos deeply explain each subject they touch on, and cite recent research data on any claims they put forward.
Today, publishing content has become easy; in practice, anyone with a camera can publish material and state their opinion. Especially when this material comes from people with a good physique, what is said can be easily believed, in most cases without any proof or scientific validation. This essentially means that anyone who looks good and has solid communication skills can influence people with what they say.
Here is why this is confusing for the fitness audience: if one claims X without presenting data to back it up, and another claims Y, also without data, then it’s one’s word against the other’s. Hence, whomever you may end up following, you will only be relying on their sayings and not on anything tangible, like scientific validation. In the same way, a third person may come along in a while, supporting Z in a very convincing way, confusing you even further. The Internet is rife with information following the “do it like me”, or “it worked for me and others like me” pattern.
This is not just another channel of that kind. In this channel, you won’t only get the scientific opinions of Yiannis Christoulas, but also their validation through the research of dozens of other scientists. Each subject is fully analyzed, through recent research data and a well-established knowledge of Sports Science. In the description of each video you will find the bibliography used, so that anyone may access the source material of the presentation. For this reason, each video takes time to create and demands studying and preparation.
The purpose of this channel is to enable the audience to know the subjects presented in depth, and to avoid being influenced by baseless claims in the future. This will lead the audience to better training practices, more successful exercises, and less injuries