tailor made program christoulas


from Yiannis Christoulas

The Tailor-Made Training Plan is your personalized training program, set according to your own needs. It’s not a path that led others to success –it’s your personal path, your personal journey departing from your current situation and leading you to the attainment of your goals and aspirations.
The Plan’s design is based on your individual characteristics, your goals, your time availability, and your sport or activity. The Plan also takes into account the space you have to train in, and is adapted to your own daily life and routine.
Your Plan
Your Plan is the detailed and thorough material you will receive. It accurately defines what you must do within a specific time period, in order to achieve your training goals in the easiest, fastest, and safest way. It completely answers the questions of What, How, How Much, When, Where, and Why. It’s about your current situation, your current training level, and always has a specific timeline. It’s based on your individual characteristics and, of course, the principles and foundations of Sports Science.
3 main advantages
1.     You don’t lose time in pointless exercises; each training takes you one step further on the path to success. Everything that’s a part of your training has been written exclusively for you. It’s not something that has worked for others, and therefore may work for you. It’s your own path to your goals, and it’s designed so you can achieve them in the fastest and most effective way.
2.     You can train in your own space and your own time. You don’t have to follow gym hours, or your personal trainer’s schedule. With your Tailor-Made Training Plan, you can adapt the timing of your trainings according to your daily routine.
3.     You rule out the risk of injury. Injuries are the result of poor training plans –this is something you will never encounter if you follow professionally made training plans.
 It’s not just a plan
The process of training athletes through a plan is not just about the creation and presentation of the plan. In other words, you won’t be on your own after your Plan is delivered. This is a process of constant interaction with your coach, which includes:
·       The systematic evaluation of your performance
·       The appropriate adaptation of your training system according to your needs as they arise
·       The calibration of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the intensity of your exercise, according to the training stage you are in
·       The continued guidance and orientation on training issues and the challenges that may ensue
·       The support you are given on issues of nutrition and quality of life
·       The provision of audiovisual material when needed
·       The recording of your trainings and progress
And this is why they call it ‘’Online Coaching’’: because you can have a tailor-made plan and your trainer’s guidance in any part of the world. All you need is Internet access. 

How it's done...

1st step: First contact via email or phone.

Sharing of the necessary elements that your Plan will be based on (somatometric characteristics, medical record, training background, other individual characteristics, goals and expectations, available training time, training space, daily routine, etc)

 2nd step: Design of your Plan.

3rd step: Detailed presentation of your Plan and its implementation.

 4th step: Start your training! 

After your Plan is delivered:
After your Plan is ready, you are also ready to start training in your own space. During that time, communication must be frequent in order to solve any problems that arise, to remind you of elements in your Plan you may have overlooked, and to follow your progress.
So, after your Plan is delivered to you, beyond your personalized training plan, you also receive continued guidance whenever you may need it.