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from Yiannis Christoulas

Personal Training is a high quality service, planned for an individual person. During a Personal Training session, I set the training’s content and structure according to your special characteristics and goals. The program that I apply on each training session is part of a bigger plan that I have structured according to your personal needs and goals, and determines the optimal characteristics of all training sessions for a specific period of time.  The development of the training is in accordance with the rules of progression and your personal progress.
In the framework of the Personal Training I set the appropriate conditions so as each person can achieve its goals with the easiest, fastest and safest way.

How it's done...
1st step: First contact via email or phone.
Sharing of the necessary elements that your training will be based on (somatometric characteristics, medical record, training background, other individual characteristics, goals and expectations, available training time, training space, daily routine, etc.)
2nd step: Start your training!