Personal Training

Personal Training is a high quality service, planned for an individual person. During a Personal Training session, I set the training’s content and structure according to your special characteristics and goals. The program that I apply on each training session is part of a bigger plan that I have structured according to your personal needs and goals, and determines the optimal characteristics of all training sessions for a specific period of time.  The development of the training is in accordance with the rules of progression and your personal progress.

In the framework of the Personal Training I set the appropriate conditions so as each person can achieve its goals with the easiest, fastest and safest way.

Personal Training is the well-known private training during which the trainee has the absolute care and guidance of the trainer.
There is the “1 on 1 Personal Training” where the trainer exercises one person and the “2 on 1 Personal Training” or “Semi Personal Training” where the trainer exercises two people with similar training level and goals.
During both programs, the workouts have a specific and preplanned training content that I structure according to each one’s personal characteristics and goals. The quantitative and qualitative contents of each training are according to the sports science and follow the trainee’s personal progress.

How can you do it?
1st Step: Contact me via mail or telephone for an acquaintance and information.
2nd Step: Set your goals and let me plan the training
3rd Step: Start your training

Tailored Training Plan (Online Coaching)

γυμναστικά προγράμματα

The Tailored Training Plan is your personalized training program that is set according to your needs. It’s not the path that led others to success. It’s your personal path, your personal journey from your current situation to the accomplishment of your goals and aspirations.

As soon as I have a detailed description of your current situation and fitness goals, I can start the planning procedure of your individualized training program. The planning is done in accordance with the characteristics of your body and lifestyle, your personal goals, the time you can spend, the place where you can train and the sport or activity that you are on. Finally, you receive the material of your tailored training plan along with detailed instructions on how you will apply it. Throughout the whole period of the program you have my complete support and guidance on any issue or problem that might occur. 

The Training Program is the detailed material, that sets exactly what you must do for a certain period of time, so as to reach your goals with the easiest, fastest and safest way. It’s the answer to the questions about what, how, how much, how often, where and why you should do something. It’s designed for your current training level and it’s applied for a certain period of time. It is structured according to your individual characteristics and goals, as well as the principles of the training science. Each training program is part of a bigger and more detailed plan (annual training plan), that defines the optimal characteristics for your training and is carried out till the achievement of your goals.

What should you expect?
The procedure of monitoring the athletes via a program (referred to as ‘programming’) is consisted by:

  • a systematic evaluation of the athlete’s performance
  • the correct choice and adjustment of training systems and methods according with the athlete’s needs
  • the adjustment of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics depending on the period of time
  • the systematic guidance and orientation of the athlete on topics regarding the training and the possible arisen difficulties
  • the athlete’s guidance about nutrition and quality of life
  • the recording of your progress throughout the program period

And this is why they call it ‘’Online Coaching’’. Because you can have a tailored plan and the complete guidance of your trainer from any part of the world. All you need is internet access.

How can you do it?
1st Step: Contact me to schedule a meeting (online).
2nd Step: Meeting. We will have a discussion, where you can give me a detailed description of your current situation, your goals and all the necessary information so as to structure your program (somatometric features, medical record, training background, individual features, the activity's individualities, your expectations, exercise facilities that are going to be used, available training time, every day routine, etc.).
3rd Step: Give me some time to plan your program.
4th Step: I give you a detailed presentation of the program and its implementation.
5th Step: You can start your tailored training plan.

After the program’s delivery:
You start the program at the exercising facility of your choice. During the period of the program we should keep regular contact for the resolution of possible problems and the monitoring of your development.

Training & Wellness Consulting (Online)

I have created this program to provide answers and solutions to people that are just confused or feeling lost in a maze of (probably misleading) information. It’s about giving you advice and guidance on which is the best way to achieve your goals. It’s for both everyday trainees that are making their first steps into sports and also professional athletes that are seeking solutions on their sport’s specific features. In the framework of Training & Wellness Consulting you can ask me anything related to your training, diet, lifestyle, mindset etc.

It’s a common case when someone wants to make a change in their life and body, develop their health and performance. Equally common is the case for the same person to be in a confused situation, bombarded by information that lead to wrong choices and deadlocks. Failing to choose the correct activities and its content, often leads to failure, disappointment or even to injuries. As it is expected the person loses its motivation to exercise as well as its willingness to try. This eventually can lead to the creation of a negative and distortive image for training matters that in reality are simple and easy to be applied.

Ask me!
You can ask me about anything related to your fitness and lifestyle. During our meeting I will advise you on how to deal with your situation and we’ll structure a suitable action plan for your situation.

Who is it for?
It is for everyday trainees and for professional athletes as well, who seek guidance to find the most effective and efficient way to achieve their goals.

How can you do it?
1st Step: Contact me to schedule a meeting
2nd Step: Meeting

After the meeting:
During the beginning of your program we can keep regular contact, so as to provide you with extra guidance and support on the implementation of your action plan.