Online fitness coaching


from Yiannis Christoulas

Online Fitness Coaching is a long-distance partnership between the athlete and the coach. In essence, it’s your thorough guidance on anything concerning your training and the achievement of your goals.
What should you expect?
Your Tailor-Made Training Plan is designed exclusively to fit the measures of your daily routine and according to the framework you will define. It will feature:
·       Your constant contact with your coach, on anything you may need
·       The provision of audiovisual material when needed, on training techniques or the explanation of training systems.
·       The continued assessment and recording of your progress.
·       The calibration of your training process per your daily routine and its changes.
How it’s done
1st step: First contact via email or phone.
Sharing of the necessary elements that your Plan will be based on (somatometric characteristics, medical record, training background, other individual characteristics, goals and expectations, available training time, training space, daily routine, etc)
2nd step: Design of your Plan.
3rd step: Detailed presentation of your Plan and its implementation.
4th step: Start your training!