Personal Trainer Thessaloniki

Yiannis Christoulas

Human Performance Specialist | BSc, MSc

Yiannis Christoulas is a modern sport's scientist and trainer, with studies and experience on the improvement of the human efficiency and the sports performance.

He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the highest degree a student has ever succeeded at the Faculty. For this honourable distinction, he was awarded for academic excellence, from the Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers Association and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of Thessaloniki. He continued his studies with a Master on "Human Performance and Health" specialized on sports coaching, which he completed with honours. Later he completed a Diploma in Sports Nutrition on the International Hellenic University.

During his academic years, he systematically studied the human performance and the factors that affect it. He took part in multiple laboratories' research and gained experience on the measurement and assessment of the human performance along with the setting of the training procedure’s parameters as well.

At the same time, he became certified on Olympic Weightlifting (ELEIKO), Rock Climbing (HFMC), Alpinism (HFMC), Open Sea & Pool Lifeguard (HCG) και BLS/AID Provider (ERC). His scientific background is enriched by a number of seminars, conferences and workshops concerning the Sports Science and Sports Nutrition.
On top of his academic background, his time at the Strength and Conditioning Center (Harvard Crimson) of Harvard University should be added, during which he had the opportunity to attend high level coaching programs and the chance to be introduced to the American philosophy on coaching and fitness.

Since 2008 he has worked as a trainer on various sports and special occasions, by training both professional athletes and everyday trainees. He involves to the above on personal and group level, by applying trainings and planning individualized training programs.

As a Human Performance Specialist, his goal is the development of the body's performance and health, by emphasizing in the relevant goal each time, on professional and non-professional athletes